Have you ever felt like you were wearing a mask only to discover deep down inside that you were really disguising the real you? Sometimes we walk around hiding and bandaging up our scars and wounds from past or even current hurts, instead of ripping off the mask, looking ourselves in the mirror and saying with a God-confidence, “This is Me!”


Pastor’s wife and author Chauntel Williams knows what it feels like to walk around feeling suffocated behind the mask of guilt, rejection, abandonment, and low self-esteem. However, she also knows what it’s like to walk in true healing and freedom.


Looking back at the life of Moses, Chauntel will not only walk you through the story of deliverance through this great leader, but also through her own deliverance story while helping readers experience and embrace the same. Through each chapter, you will learn how to…


  • Uncover and learn how to overcome seeds of rejection and abandonment
  • Love who God called and created you to be
  • Listen when God speaks to you about your purpose in life
  • Let go of past hurts through principles on forgiveness
  • And so much more


Dig into deep as you allow God to peel back the mask, courageously look yourself in the mirror, and begin to embrace the real you. It’s time!

The Mask, Mirror, & Me

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